About Us

CompanySpotter is a Dutch company aiming to relieve the frustrations surrounding sales, marketing, search engines, prospecting and lead generation with a search engine for business.

Why did we build CompanySpotter?

The idea for CompanySpotter was born in 2018, out of pure frustration. Our brains were slowly turning to mush after weeks of manually searching for companies and copy/pasting their contact data. If we could find those companies to start with!

Twenty years passed since Google turned the search market upside down, yet it proved harder than ever than ever to "find" on our own terms. After weeks of battling algorithm suggestions and dozens of attempts to burst our search bubbles we were fed up. Let's try and crack this ourselves!

We wrote new algorithms, filled a few server racks, gathered tons of data and the first prototype was born. Searching for a single keyword took upwards of 4 hours ;-) However, despite the speed, the results proved to be more relevant and effective in our marketing automation campaigns!

This is where the adventure started. We realised quickly that owning and maintaining our own database provided enormous freedom. For the first time ever we had complete control over what companies we wanted to find, and how!

This freedom meant we could focus on the needs of the professional searcher from day one. We built new search methods, offer a new type of freedom in search and data that consumer search engines just don't offer. They can't, but we can - because with CompanySpotter, you're the customer, not the product.

We're working tirelessly from the get-go to realise our dream: democratising search. Small, big, wealthy, poor, modern or old-school websites - each and every one can be your next big client. The searcher, not the search engine, decides.