CompanySpotter is the search engine for business. We've made it incredibly fast and easy to find, filter and export companies with their contact data. CompanySpotter puts an end to time-consuming, boring prospecting work.

Even our name's kept simple. The first 3 letters from the names of the founders: Stan & Brent, smashed together :) Rolls of the tongue, (stay•bur), en the .com was available! Keeping things fast, simple and easy is in our DNA since day one!

CompanySpotter allows you to find companies on your terms. You're able to use a variety of search methods to generate unique, highly specific and relevant company lists in a matter of seconds - in complete freedom. Fast, simple and accurate. After your searches you can quickly export:
  • Company name
  • Website / URL
  • Short company description
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Office locations
In need for custom data? Just let us know!

CompanySpotter isn't static. We give you complete freedom and flexibility to find companies on your own terms. Break free from traditional "categories" and flex your creative prospecting muscles to discover entire markets, or hidden gems. No restrictions. Aside from that, our data is collected straight from the source: companies themselves. They share their details, we make it easier for others to find and connect!

Finding companies is somewhat doable, however once you've found them, you still have to manually collect the contact details.

CompanySpotter returns companies, nothing else. You won't be overwhelmed with millions of semi-related results and barely-relevant websites. We have a pure focus on companies.

Thirdly, we've indexed the internet in a different way. Because of this you can find companies far more effectively and are able to drill down based on your specific needs. The resultsets we provide is completely unique among search engines.

Lastly, search engines traditionally sort their results based on SEO. This makes it very hard to find companies that just don't care about SEO. And those do still exist! Tons of them! CompanySpotter treats all companies as equals en does not overwhelm your with millions of hits. Using proprietary algorithms. search curation and unique search methods you get exactly what you want: highly relevant companies with their contact data.

Yes! Definitely. CompanySpotter isn't a data broker, we're a search engine. Our job is to minimise the time it takes for you to go from "prospecting idea" to "list filled with prospects". You'll find that CompanySpotter is a perfect supplement to your current sales pipeline / toolbox.

If you've ever found yourself in a position where you wanted to find companies based on service, region, technology or terms, but couldn't, you'll love CompanySpotter.

All of them, and none at all ;-) CompanySpotter allows you to break free of the category or industry mindset and find companies outside of generalized, pre-determined notions. Flex your creative muscles to find and compile unique company lists and boost your sales!.

Every 30 to 40 days. We won't store any old contact data either. That way you can be sure you're contacting companies in ways they want to be contacted.

The speed first and foremost. There isn't a single other method out there with which you can find and export highly relevant companies based on your specific needs, in less than 10 seconds. Just CompanySpotter! Secondly, we're a search engine where you're the customer, not the product. We offer support, guidance, and want you to succeed and will do everything in our power to help you achieve that goal. Whether it's a high converting marketing campaign, or reaching your monthly sales targets - we got your back.


No, it's not, we get it from the source: companies themselves. It's the most up-to-date version out there. So you won't need to waste time manually searching and filtering contact data. Up-to-date-r than this is impossible :)

Perfect! CompanySpotter isn't meant to replace any other product. It will save you time and synergise well with other tools. Think of CompanySpotter as a completely new type of lead generation tool. You can use it to quickly check for, supplement or generate new lead lists for your sales or marketing campaign. From search, to filter, to export in 10 seconds.

Chances are you're working this way because you want to save time or had a terrible experience purchasing data. The data was polluted, irrelevant, too general or just too much of a hassle to manually prepare for usage. CompanySpotter changes all that! There's no-one that knows your potential prospects better than you do, so take back control and start searching with CompanySpotter :)

Oh, you will ;-) We'll help you if you don't right away. There are so many companies out there that we've yet to discover a niche you can't find with CompanySpotter. Chances are you need to re-think the way you approach your search and we'd be more than happy to help you with that. Just book a one on one demo!


Absolutely! Click the "Book a Demo" link at the bottom of the page to pick a date and time. We'll walk you through the ins and outs of CompanySpotter in roughly 30 minutes.

Definitely! We will get in touch with you to plan an onboarding session. In the span of an hour you'll be at the controls and we'll guide you during your searches. It's a sure-fire way to quickly get acquainted with CompanySpotter and it's workflow.

As of may 2019, there isn't, but this will change in the future. For now, just invite your co-workers and start enjoying CompanySpotter. It's an all-in-one deal!

Yes and no. We don't offer them in a self-service manner to prevent abuse and database theft. As you can imagine, you can get a great amount of value out of CompanySpotter in a matter of minutes. So depending on your use-case and business type, we might offer you a trial. Just request a demo and we'll discuss it in detail during the call :)

Get in touch! Chances are you need to adjust to the CompanySpotter way of searching. A new twist or different approach delivers the results you need 99% of the time. In those edge cases where you just aren't able to extract any value from CompanySpotter, we'll sort something out. Provide us with your feedback and we'll arrange a (partial) refund, depending on your situation.


It shouldn't be ;-) Searching for companies is quick and easy, you get instant results - but it works slightly different than the usual search engine. The use of use is similar but it takes an hour or so to get things to "click". So don't be alarmed, we'll gladly help you work through this in a live one on one demo so you get the most out of CompanySpotter.

Not a clue ;-) Each company is different, and your way of working very likely differs from your competitor's. That's the reason why we offer one on one demos - you won't just get to see CompanySpotter in action but we'll try and find out if there's a match between us :) The best way to quickly discover how we can help you boost your sales performance and save you time is by example.

First of all, they need a website ;-) Second, not all companies will surface. We are constantly updating and improving our algorithms and prefer to err on the safe side, showing less but higher quality results. Are you convinced that it's an error? Let is know! We'll make sure to sort things out.

Sure thing. As long as it's a CSV, we can customise the output for you. Get in touch!

We don't have any offical plugins, yet, but you should be able to use our CSV export anywhere. Can't wait to start working with a Salesforce, Pipedrive, Dynamics, etc. plugin? Contact support and let us know! The more requests we get, the quicker it's pushed to the front of the roadmap.

Ofcourse! In fact, we are dependant on your feedback to guide the way CompanySpotter evolves. Open a support chat and let us know all your ideas. We'll let you know if it makes the roadmap :)